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Shayne – New Zealand Artist

Shayne is a New Zealand Artist specialising in Prophetic Art. Prophetic Art is expressing flow and feeling of the presence of God through canvas and paint. Having enjoyed creative art all my life I now work from my art studio which is situated just out of Dargaville, in Northland, my husband Galvin & I enjoy our small lifestyle block, surrounded by peaceful settings & animals, from this I paint to my heart’s content, drawing from the abundant resources of nature & creation all around.
My works vary from large scale murals and the like, to canvas, my favorite medium, acrylic. A lot of my work is commissioned, but I do have several paintings on display at different points.
One of my aims is to help people discover, develop and fulfill their personal vision, unleashing their potential through the use of creative arts, I also see art as a medium which brings about therapeutic healing, mental stimulation and wellbeing.

Prophetic Art

I Believe, because we are all created in God’s image, we have creativity in us….Maybe you haven’t known there was such a thing as Prophetic Art or how to go about getting it out.
Prophetic painting is simply expressing the flow and feelings of the Presence of God through canvas and paint…no different than a musician composing a new song or a writer being inspired to write. Creativity is God’s basic nature.
Therefore, those who are spiritually connected should be the most creative people on earth, and art that is inspired by the Holy Spirit should be worn by the priests of the Lord like a garment. My desire is to help you to step into this prophetic expression.

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